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June 1943 Japanese Kempatai

          Inabanga, the nearest point of Bohol across th Olango group of islands to Cebu City became th haven of Cebuanos during the war, most of them Chinese who occupied the abandoned homes in the town. There were also high government officials, national and provincial as well who were in hiding in the rough heavily forested terrain in the outskirts. Inabanga became the hubnub of evacuees. Believing the Japanese would no longer invade Bohol, the poeple began to return home to do their daily routine.

          The celebration of the town patron saints Peter and Paul was approaching. A beauty contest was launched, a fund raising project of the town for the church improvement. Last canvassing was held in the third week of June 1943 at the public emporium attended by thousands of supporters of each candidate. At the height of the last balloting an undetermined number of unidentified men with bond on the head, most of them ere Filipino under cover suddenly appeared, grabbed the microphone, took hold one-to-one each municipal official, bolo battalion officer and prominent people of the town. Pandamonium broke loose, people went scampering for safety. Those caught were held for questioning but later released.

          The Japanese were garissoned in Inabanga Central School. They posted check points in every strategic point. Although only a handful of people were seen in the town including those under their custody, they had shown friendly attitude. They made a surreptitious policy-of-attraction by giving pack of aki-buno cigarettes, rice, sardines, corn beef etcetera to people they met. Upon learning the good news, people from their hiding laces came down to see the Japanese. A couple of weeks later, they sent out flyers and communication to all bolo batalion offices for a meeting to find ways how to establish peace and order and improved the economic condition of the people. All officers came and were ushered to the old municipal building.

          There was no meeting held, instead all were gang-chained and herded to the central school to face the grisly and horrible atrocities. Men, by four, were hung one meter high from the floor with both hand tied at the back for one or two days, continuously beaten with baseball bat exerting information about the whereabouts of Governor Hilario Abellana of Cebu and Congressman Pedro Loez and Dalaguete Mayor Jose Almagro, or surrender any kind of firearms. Some were killed when the lumber where they were tied gave way and broke. Those who informed that they had gun at home and found none, were killed while the women were raped. Those who had nothing to surrender except foodstuffs were relesed after hanging for two days. Heavy patrol of Japanese and Filipino under cover with local guides were sent to the hiding place of suspect Cebu officials. Finding no trace of th hunted persons, they massacred all they saw including one of their guides.

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