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Sikatuna, The Bohol Chieftain

          If we scan over the pages of the Philippine history we always associate our minds to Ferdinand Magellan who discovered the Philippines and the first white man to set foot on a brown man’s domain. As we peruse further to the subsequent pages we will be led to know of a brown man who became the foremost world diplomat and who courageously forged a treaty of friendship in a manner so unique in the annals of world diplomacy to a white man who made another expedition to the islands after Magellan was forced to drop anchor in Bohol shores and met Sikatuna due to bad weather.

          Datu Sikatuna, Bohol Chieftain, made a treaty of friendship with Captain Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the Spanish conquistador in a native way by cutting a small incision in the arms of each and a few drops of blood were placed in separate cups containing wine and both chiefs drank the mixture. Thus, a bond of friendship was sealed in accordance with the native practice which is now known as "Sandugo" or Blood Compact.

          To perpetuate Sikatuna’s patriotic deeds, the Philippine government has established the Order of Sikatuna as the highest decoration accorded to persons who have fostered diplomatic relations with other countries. Everytime we hear about the Order of Sikatuna being bestowed by the President on any one for promoting world peace, the Boholanos are always honored. The Boholanos commemorate the Blood Compact every March 16 of every year to enliven the memory of Datu Sikatuna.

Significant Historical Developments

          Historical Setting                                Muslim Raids On Bohol Coastal Towns
          Sikatuna, The Bohol Chieftain             
Dagohoy, The Celebrated Hero Of Bohol
How Bohol Got Its Name                     Bohol Participation in the Philippine Revolution
Christianization of the Natives              Lonoy, Jagna Massacre

Bits of World War II History

          April 1942 Bombing of Jetafe                The Moalong and Ubujan Ambushcades
          June 1943 Japanese Kempatai             The Bohol Liberation
          Underground Movement                       How Bohol was Liberated

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