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Lonoy, Jagna Massacre

          To suppress the insurgency in Bohol and to retaliate and avenge their losses encountered in Kabantian pass, the Americans intensified their campaigns against the insurgents who were camping in the different parts of the province. They heard about the two insurgent encampments in Bohol. Valmoria's campsite was in the upper part of Lonoy somewhere in Boctol or Claveceta mountain range overlooking Sierra-Bullones. Lonoy is a hilly barrio of Jagna, more or less 10 kilometers from the poblacion. In going to the place, one has to always go upward, following narrow winding paths or chopped roads by the hills. Its terrain is a good ambush site along the route to the Boholano camps. On March 5, 1901 Miguel Valmoria received a communication from the general headquarters of Pedro Samson that the Americans had started moving towards his (Valmoria's) camp. On the following day he ordered Captain Gregorio Caseñas to prepare everything because his camp (Caseñas')  will be first to be attacked. Believing that the American troops will pass through Lonoy, Jagna via a narrow path they dug trenches and foxholes at both sides, covered and camouflaged. In the trenches and foxholes there were more than four hundred patriots waiting for the zero hour. On the morning of March 8, 1901 two American platoons attacked the Boholanos from the rear while another two platoons one on each end of the pass served as blocking forces. Betrayed by a fellow Boholano, a certain Francisco Salas guided the Americans to the position of the Boholanos along the path to the rear of the defenses. The Boholanos in the trenches caught in surprise, were not able to raise their spears, were either shot or bayoneted in the covered foxholes. Four hundred six were dead including Captain Caseñas. Only seven were able to escape. The Americans had olny three casualties.

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