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April 1942 Bombing of Jetafe

          In the early part of April 1942 Cebu was invaded by the Japanese. An aircraft carrier landed on the vicinity of the Jetafe waterfront. Thinking there was a landing, Philippine army stationed in Dat-an, Carmen, Bohol moved to Jetafe the whole night. Under the mantle of darkness, they took their most strategic position in camouflage hiding behind buri palm thickets. Aware of the movement of the Philippine Army the night before, an observation was made on the following morning. A Japanese reconnaisance plane made the observation over Jetafe. Philippine army in their strategic bivouac started shooting at the plane. Japanese planes started and dropped napalm and heavy bombs on the hiding place of the Filipino soldiers. From the carrier, large canon balls were fired, stripping the town. Coconut trees and tall vegetation were knocked down. After less than an hour of skirmishes, Filipino soldiers took cover in different directions but the Japanese planes followed them with machine guns. Several soldiers were killed right on the spot. The scattered turso of Lt. Pio Campos, the commanding officer, were found else where. Other soldiers were found dead on the nearby hills late in the evening by a rescue team led by Lt. Jaime Borja.

Significant Historical Developments

          Historical Setting                                Muslim Raids On Bohol Coastal Towns
          Sikatuna, The Bohol Chieftain             
Dagohoy, The Celebrated Hero Of Bohol
          How Bohol Got Its Name                    
Bohol Participation in the Philippine Revolution
Christianization of the Natives              Lonoy, Jagna Massacre

Bits of World War II History

          April 1942 Bombing of Jetafe                The Moalong and Ubujan Ambushcades
          June 1943 Japanese Kempatai             The Bohol Liberation
          Underground Movement                       How Bohol was Liberated

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