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Established 1879

Population: 38,289 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Eutiquio Bernales

Number of Barangays: 44

Land Area: 20,755 hectares

Feast Day: January 16

Patron Saint: Sto. Niņo

Tourist Attractions: Kampikit Beach, Lapinig Puntod, Tubigon-Cuya


                Ubay is a municipality situated on the northeastern seaboard of the province one hundred twenty three kilometers (123 kms.) from Tagbilaran City. The town covers an area on the mainland and a group of islands. In the southeastern part of the mainland are the rolling hills of Hinlapaan where the Ubay stock farm of the Bureau of Animal Industry (one of the bigger government ranches) is located. The rest of the mainland area, particularly to the west and northwest, is an undulating plain of sandy and loam soil.

                Ubay is a town of varied farm products. It is a town where dairy products fresh carabao milk and cheese are sold. Hogs and fowls are shipped to Cebu and nearby province from the farm lands of the town. Romblon mats are sold in quantities every market day.

                It is said that the marauding expeditions of the Muslims during the second half of the 18th century had something to do with the naming of the town. In those days the Muslims used to ravage and plunder the coastal villages of the Visayas, raiding the churches and killing Christians who crossed their path. Many of the captured Christians were brought to the slave markets. But when the Muslims came to raid the village now known as Ubay, they were perplexed. From th offshore, the thriving village was very tempting at night, but when the Muslims sailed forth with the sinister intent of all they could hear was the crowing of the roosters underneath the sea. The most the raiders could do was to sail aimlessly, or in the local dialect "ubay-ubay lang" until they were overtaken by the dawn of a new day.

                The mystery of the unlocated village was attributed to the miraculous image of the Child Jesus, the patron saint of the town. So zealously did the patron saint protect the town from the marauders that there never came a time when it was plundered. Thus, the name Ubay came into use to this day.

                Ubay can be a veritable excursionists' paradise. The town is replete with natural beauty which includes marine wealth and plant and animal life. The Ubay stock Farm at the foot of the Hinlapaan Hills is a place worth seeing. Here, one can take a swim in the scenic Kaugjaon Falls, a beauty spot in itself within th Stock Farm. There are some privately managed cattle ranches. Worth mentioning and seeing is the Martinez cattle ranch which has its own airfield. Marine beauty and wealth can be enjoyed should one go sailing along the islands.

                This town is the home town of Archbishop Mariano Gaviola, Congressman Erico Aumentado and Governor Eutiquio Boyles.