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Esablished 1819

Population: 29,993 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Eufracio Mascarinas

Number of Barangays: 34

Land Area: 7,556 hectares

Feast Day: may 15;Patron Saint: San Isidro Labrador

Tourist Attractions: Islets, Beaches, Ilihan Hill


Tubigon is on the western coast of Bohol, fifty four kilometers from the capital. It appears from old documents that the former name of this municipality was Tubigon, meaning a place where there is water because of the presence of brooks and streams that flow from the mountains too the open sea. The name was later changed to Tubigon which means watery, because under the fetile soils there is plenty of water aside from the many streams in town. In 1818 Tubigon was coonsideered a town under the leadership oof a capitan and it was in 1819 when the town was established.

The first mass was held on the new church on June 29,1915. The church tower was started in 1928 and was finished in 1934.

The American regime was marked by the visit of General Leonard Wood in 1921, Colonel Thompson in 1926 to investagate conditions in this country.

The principal industries of the toown are farming, fishing, trading, poultry, pig raising and various household industries. The most important products are agricultural crops, poultry, hogs, mats and baskets.

The Holy Cross Academy, a private school in the townproper, offers complete secondary course. A special permit has been granted from the DECS to open a graduate school on education to allow teachers in the neighboring toowns to finish their undergrdate studies.

This is the hometown of Representative Macario Falcon and Congressman Bartolome Cabangbang, a WWII hero.