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Established 1820


Population: 15,091 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Filadelfo Garcia

Number of Barangays: 20

Land Area: 9,427 hectares

Feast Day: May 15; Patron Saint : San Isidro Labrador

Tourist Attractions: Batungoy Cave, Kawasan Falls, Lublub Hills



It is in the northern part of Bohol and is ninety eight kilometers by way of the Loay interior road. It is 121.87 kilometers by way of the Tagbilaran north bound and 138.82 kilometers by way of the Tagbilaran east bound road.

Its original name was said to be Cabigon, later it became a town called Ipil becausse of the abundance of Ipil trees. In 1903 Ipil lost its identity as a municipality when it was annexed to Talibon by virtue of Act 968 of the Philippinee Commission approved in October 31, 1903.

It was in 1947 that Ipil regained its name through the combined efforts of Juan Gonzales and former Senator Olegario Clarin. It was renamed Trinidad in honor of the wife of the late President Manuel A. Roxas who issued Executive Order No. 80, s. 1947 restoring the community of its former status as an independent municipality.