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Established 1830

Population: 31,878 ( 1980 Census)

Mayor: Januario Ytim

Number of Barangays: 25

Land Area: 17, 704 hectares

Feast Day: May 28; Patron Saint: Santisima Trinidad

Tourist Attractions: CPG Marker, Garcia Park



This progressive town is on the northern coast of Bohol 114.8 kilometers via Tagbilaran North Road, 149.55 kilometers via Tagbilaran East Road, 108.83 kilometers via Loay Interior Road. It lies almost halfway between Ubay and Jetafe. Talibon was established in 1830. In 1831 Talibon became a parish with the blessed Trinity as its patron saint. The following year Fr. Ramon de Sta. Ana was sent to Talibon as the town’s first parish priest. A ramshackle hut built by the native served as the church. In 1852 the construction of the permanent church started. As was the practice during the Spanish regime, forced labor was employed. Blocks of coral rock were hauled by hte inhabitants from the sea to be used in the construction. The church was built on an elevated plain overlooking the sea. It was completed in 1899. The convent was constructed in that year, too. No records are available to showthe origin of the name of the town. The stories bearing on this matter are conflicting. It will be recalled that after working successfully in Loboc in 1602 or thereabout, the Jesuit missionary, Fr. Juan de Torres, went to the gold mines of Talibong. Hence the community already had its name even before the first arrival of the first Spanish missionary.

Today the peopleearn their livelihood according to the nature of the place in which they live in. Those living in the island and along the coast are engaged in fishing. The women and children help by weaving hats, mats, and baskets out of buri. Romblon leaves and bamboo are abundant. The famous Talibon hat, compared favorably with the Panama hat in durability, appearance and comfort, are made by women on Jao Island. It is made of buri raffia. A good number of peole in Talibon are skillful sailors and traders. They sailed seas without the aid of any reliable instruments and yet they can reach their destination as far as Sandukan, North Borneo where they barter their cargoes for the things needed at home. Talibon has an emergency hospital established during the incumbency of former Late President Carlos . Garcia and can accomodate fifty patients at a time. Besides the hospital, Talibon also has a rural health center under the municipal health officer, a rural health nurse, a midwife and a sanitary inspector to look after the health needs of the peole in the rural areas.

The Blessed Trinity High School, a complete private catholic high school, was established in 1947 by its first director. Eventually, it was taken over by the sisters of the Recollect Order. In the field of sports, Talibon has sent to the postwar World Olympics fine athletes such as Lauro Mumar who made good in basketball and hometown of Ppresident Carlos P. Garcia Representative Margarito Revilles, Congresman Maximiano Garcia and hilippine Constitution Delegate, Atty. Anastacio Mumar.