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Established 1917

Population: 5,244 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Constantino Rule

Number of Barangays: 10

Land Area: 2,675

Feast Day: June 13; Patron Saint: St.Anthony


It is an interior town located six and half kilometers froom Coorella and sixteen point six kilometers from Tagbilaran. It was named after the famous Bohol chief who made a blood compact with Legaspi in 1565.

Sikatuna was established as toown by Executive Order No.88 issued byt then Governor General Francisco Burton Harrison on December 5,1917. It used to be called Coornago a barrio of Alburquerque.

During World War II it was made an evacuation center by the people oof Tagbilaran and Baclayon. Most of the people are farmers. Their important croops are rice, corn, ubi, camote and bananas. Many people are also engaged in mat and hat weaving.