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Established 1879

Population: 17,904 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Rainfredo C. Buslon

Number of Barangayss: 22

Land Ara: 10,975

Feast Day: December 8

Patron Saint: Immaculate Conception

Tourist Attractioons: Cantaub Park, Daquit Tourist Park



This is an old interior town seventy one kilometers from Tagbilaran. Because of its proximity to the forest, it was made a place of refuge by the insurgents during the Philipine Revolution and The Filipino War.

Farming is the mosst important industry of the people, and rice is the chief crop. In fact Sierea Bullones is the heavist producers of rice in the province. The tributaries of the Wahig River furnish water foor irrgation purpose. Lumbering is engaged on a small scale. Truckloads of lumber are hauled too Calape for use in building barotos.

To supplement their income the people of Seirra Bullones were engaged in cottage industries: the ewaving oof raattan and bamboo baskets.

Sierra Bullones is the hometown of Representative Teofilo Buslon.