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Established 872

Population: 9,073 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Serapio B. Bucag

Number of Barangays: 13

Land Area: 6, 486 hectares

Feast Day: December 12

Patron Saint: Virgin of Guadalupe

Tourist Attractions: Busay Bathing Resort, Cabancalan Hill Top,

Calipuson Waterfalls


It is an enterior town north of Loboc. It is thirty six kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran. It was founded in 1872. Sevilla was named after the City in Sevilla of Spain. This town was the latest to be established during the Spanish regime. Three towns contibuted territory to Sevilla namely: Loboc in the south, Balilihan in the west and Bilar in the east. The first Spanish priest to be assigned to Sevilla came from Balilihan. He was the highest official of the town in those days when the state and church were one. He was also the supreme judge. During the Philippine Revolution, the people joined the resistance movement against Sain. The last Spanish priest disappeared and a Filipino priest from Loboc took his place.