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Established 1949

Populatioon: 12,703 ( 1980 Census)

Mayor: Arthur Araņana

Number of Barangays: 24

Land area: 9,675 hectares

Feast Day: May 4; Patron Saint: San Augustin

Tourist Attractions: Chocolate Hills

This town is an inteerior town southeast of Clarin. It is seventy six and half kilometrs from Tagbilaran City. It used too be a barrio made up of portioons of Clarin, Inabanga, Carmen and Balilihan. It was made a regular municipality by an executive order issued by the late President Elpidio Quirino on February 9,1949 and was called Borja in honor 9 of Hon. Salustiano Borja, the first elected Civil Governor of the original name.

According to the founder oof the town, the first settlee in this locality was a guy named Sagbayan who came from Balilihan to escape punishment from cattle rustling.

Other story says that people used to hang (sagbayan) hidees of deer on thee trees to dry after their hunting expedition so the place was called Sagbayan was merely a jungle inhabited by monkeys and wild pigs and infeated with malaria. Later it became the centeer of trade of peple from the interior and the coastal towns. As thee business floushished, people came to like the place and decided to make Sagbayan their new homes. As result of increae in population thye prominent citizens of the barrio led by Baudillo Torrefranca petitioone the authorities too make Sagbayan an independent municipality.

"Behind the clouds" a place of terror during the guerilla days of World War II is located in Sagbayan on the mountins of Kabasakan and Maitum.The name struck terror in the hearts of the people because it was in this place that men suspected of being Japanese collabooratoors oor spies were killed.

The principal industries of Sagbayan are farming, mat weaving, basket weaving and bakya making.the main agriculture crops aree rice, corn, cocnut, poutry, camoteees,gabi, bananas and vegetables.