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Established 1969

Population 18,142 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Inocencio Mendez

Number of Barangays: 2

Land Area: 6,528

Feast Day: January (moveable)

Patron Saint: Sr. Sto.Niņo

Tourist Attractions: Cuanting Lover’s Hill, Pamasa - on Islet, Tilmobo Cave


The former municipality of Pitogo, an island comprising approximately 6,450 hectares has been changed to arlos P. Garcia by a decree signed by Ferdinand E. Marcos, then the president of the Republic oof the Philipines.

This island is located in the northeast of the province and it is called Lapinig Island. It is the nearest point to Southern Leyte province. This island was formerly a part of Ubay.

The isalnd municipality is an hour travel by motor boat from the mainland. It is famous for the abundant native products of mats, ladiees handbags and other household items.The sea is teeming with large and small fish.The Biyayang Dagat Fisheries project is poopular among native fishermen are still clamoring for goverment aids.