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Established 1803

Population: 14,547 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Benedicto Alcala

Number of Barangays: 11

Land Area: 5, 537 hectares

Feast Day: August 28; Patron Saint: San Augustin

Tourist Attractions: Balicasag Is., Bohol Beach Club, Doljo Beach, Dumaluan

Beach, Kalipayan Beach, Momo Beach, Palm Island, Tawala Beach



Panglao is in the southern most town of Bohol. It is eighteen kilometers from the capital. It is one of the municipalities of Panglao Island, the other is Dauis. It is said that the Spanish explorers who came to this island in 1803, named it Panglao after the word "Mapanglao" meaning" Lonesome place". Inspite of their stony and sandy island, the people are able to have little farms and raise corn, coconuts, oranges, bananas, magoes and root crops. Batangas oranges are grown in the island of Balicasag, Panglao raises chickens andthey sells them in Cebu and Manila. The sea bordering the town has rich fishing grounds. The town supplies Tagbilaran daily with fresh fish and fresh shells with which the amahong is plentiful. Panglao has attractive beaches such as Doljo, Momo, Taporoc, Alona kew and the Bohol Beach Club where vacationists and tourists come to enjoy bathing in the sea and playing on the white sand. These beaches are twenty kilometers from Tagbilaran City. Scuba divers from all over the world come to explore the sea in this town. An alternate International Airport is now being considered to be constructed. The Spanish regime left some serviceable and venerable landmaks such as the stone church, tower, a municipal building and school building made of stone blocks.