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Established 1860

Population: 14,008 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Jose Veloso

Number of Barangays: 22

Land Area: 5,192 hectares

Feast Day: November 24; Patron Saint: St. Vincent Ferrer

Tourist Attractions: Punta Cruz Watch Tower




The town of Maribojoc is located on the southwestern coast of Bohol. It is 143 kilometers from the capital. It was probably named after the pine like tree (aguho) where the leaves of which look like hairs. This tree is locally known as Maribohoc. But the original name of the community is said to be Dungguan which means a place of anchorage. It was declared a parish in 1767, and became a regular municipality on October 15,1860.

It is in this town where the well- preserved Punta Cruz Tower can be found. It was erected in 1796 to serve as as paying point to Muslim invaders who used to attack the town. It is built of stone and patterned after a Spanish fortress.

In the year 1798, the laying of the foundation of the church was started. The town proper then was located on a swampy place. Therefore the site of the church had to be filled. The priest ordered all parishioners to bring with them each a piece of rock weighing not less than four pounds whenever they went to church. Anyone who disobeyed was punished with lashing. The erection of the church was done with forced labor. The construction of the church took eighteen years to complete. It was finished in 1816.