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Established 1753

Population: 35,643(1980 Census)

Mayor: Wilfredo Caresosa

Number of Barangays: 67

Land Area: 11,975 hectares

Feast Day: September 8; Patron Saint: Our Lady of Light

Tourist Attractions: Baluarte Beach, Inang-angan Steps, Loon Church




This town is located in the western coast of Bohol 27.4 kilometers from the capital. There is no record to prove when the town was established but in 1879 it was already a flourishing community.

The construction of the church, the two primary school buildings, the flight of steps from Moto to Napo and the municipal building in Napo was done with forced labor. On Sunday’s every male person had to go to church, and bring at least one ganta of sand. The house of the Governadorcillo was built in the same way. The wooden materials used for their construction came from Maitum, a former barrio of Tubigon. Hundreds of men had to cut timber from the mountains and haul the logs to the sea. It is said that many died from the hardship of task. The men assigned to work at Maitum were out for at least one year. It is also said that when the men left for this assignment, the church bells tolled for those who would not be able to return because of death from exhaustion, hunger or disease.

The hauling of the logs to the sea was done by hundreds of carabaos with the help of human labor. Once in the sea, the logs were tied into rafts and taken to Loon during favorable weather. Every Cabeza de Barangay had to see that everyone under him obeyed this order, otherwise the Cabeza would be punished with lashing.

Most of the people of Loon are farmer. Inspite of the rocky soil they are able to produce corn, tobacco and coconuts. There are fisherman who do not limit themselves to the sea around Bohol. They go as far as Palawan and Turtle Island. There are also peddlers who sell their dry goods in the province of Midanao and the Visayas.

There are two private schools in town offering complete secondary course namely the Loon Institute and the Sacred Heart Academy.

This is the hometown of Congressman Natalio Castillo, Bishop de Dios Pueblos, Governor Rene Relampagos and Assemblyman Ramon Lapez.