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Established 1740

Population: 10,842 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Olegario Clarin, jr.

Number of Barangays: 24

Land Area: 3,479 hectares

Feast Day: May (moveable); Patron Saint: Santissima Trinidad

Tourist Attractions: Clarin Ancestral House, Clarin Beach Resort,

Himontagon Hills, Punta Baluarte, Rio Vista Heights




Loay lies on the southwestern coast of Bohol 18.3 kilometers from Tagbilaran. It is located at the mouth of the Loboc River. It was established in 1740. In the history of the Philippines (1751-1754) by Father Juan Delgado of the society of Jesus, a village called Santissima Trinidad located at the bar of the Loboc River was mentioned. One will wonder if this is the Village of Loay and why the name was changed . In1879, Loay was one of the thirty four towns listed in the account of the Augustinian Recollects in the province.

The Poblacion has two parts- the lower called Canipaan because of its many nipa swamps and the upper part called Ibabao because of its location on a plateau.

The principal industries of the people today are farming, copra making, peddling, saguran weaving, fishing, tuba gathering, and nipa thatch making.

This is the home town of two prominent brothers: the late Olegarion A. Clarin and the late Jose A. Clarin. Former Governor Conrado Marapao, Congressman Isidro C. Zarraga, Constitutional Convention Delegates Simplicio M. Apalisok and Teogines Borja are also from this town.