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Population: 8,278 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Alfonso Lim

Number of Barangays: 18

Land Area: 3,640 hectares

Feast Day: October 7

Patron Saint: Holy Rosary

Tourist Attractions: Rosales spring, Tinubdan Pool


Lila is a town on the southern coast of Bohol twenty eight and a half kilometers from Tagbilaran City. For a time it was a part of Dimiao Municipality.There is no record to show the date of its establishment. According to the Augustinian Mission in Bohol, it was a separate municipality in 1879 with a population of 4,023. All records had been burned and no documents can be established as to when it was annexed to Dimiao. However, Lila became an independent municipality in January 1,1915.

During World War II, many civilians were maltreated and tortured. It is said that thirty one civilians were killed by the japanese.

Lila is well knownas the home of fearless defilfish fishermen. During the hot months of summer, fishermen venture out in groups to catch the