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Established 1811

Population: (180 Census)

Mayor: Marciana Tsurumi

Number of Barangays: 33

Land Area: 12,063 hectares

Feast Day: September 29; Patron Saint: St. Michael

Tourist Attractions: Can-uba Beach, Ilihan Hill, Lonoy Natural Springs



Jagna is bustling port town on the southern coast of Bohol. It is 63.1 kilometers form the capital. Jagna was first settled by immigrants from Loboc who transformed the wide valley into rice paddies. Through forced labor, a church of a stone was built and was completed in 1809. A big convent was also constructed and was completed in 1878. Most important industries are fishing and kalamay making. We can expect good and delicious kalamay here in Jagna. This town is well provided with educational facilities. The Central Visayas College offers the complete secondary course and the first two years of college. The Colegio de la Medalla Milagrosa offers primary and intermediate instruction, the complete high school course and the first year of liberal arts, collegiate normal and education. The Jagna Vocational School offers six month courses in dressmaking and hair culture. The town’s name is derived from a legendary exclamation (ni hagna na). This means when the coconut oil is almost done. Ni hagna na is the common expression of the common dialect of the locality. This is the native town of Governor Filomeno Casenas, the second hometown of Governor Esteban Bernido and the hometown of Congressman Teodoro Galagar.