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Established 1744

Population: 32, 918 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Jose Jumamoy, Jr.

Number of Barangays: 50

Land Area:13, 166

Feast Day: June 30

Paqtron Saint: St. Paul

Tourist Attractions: Ilihan Falls, Macavan Cave



Inabanga is located in the northern coast of Bohol seventy one kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran. Before the Spaniards came, the people called this place Inabangan because of the Inabanga River, the only waterway to interior which also served as a bathing resort, was heavily infested with crocodiles of various sizes. Every year since time beyond recall, a human life was lost either through drowning or through attack by a crocodile. The people being of superstitious nature, believed that the yearly loss of life was the rental (abang) for the use of the river. Hence the name Inabangan River (rented river). The Spaniards had difficulty in the pronunciation of Inabangan, in consequence, they called the place Inabangan and is carried till this time

Inabanga is one of the old towns of Bohol. In 1879, it had a population of 7,024. The intrepid Dagohoy, who led a rebellion against Sain was a native of Inabanga. The people of Inabanga have been known for their warlike nature, but this was true only during the time of revolutions. Nowadays, they are peace-loving and hospitable unless their rights are trodden upon and their anger provoked. The people are industrious and they are engaged in many occupations: fishing, mat making or weaving, nipa thatches production, seafood conservation like the salted sisi, litub tagimtim and kaykay. This is the hometown of Bishop Zacarias (Gerry) Jimenez of Pagadian Diocese and Congressman Antonio Ceniza of Zamboanga del Zur.