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Established 1879

Population: 24,376 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Gaudencio G. Ranario

Number of Barangays: 19

Land Area: 11,770

Feast Day: First Saturday of September

Patron Saint: Birhen sa Kalipay

Tourist Attractions: Marine Park

Beach Resorts in: Barangay Basdio, Tabajan and Sawang




This town, located in the eastern part of Bohol, is 84.6 kilometers from the capital. It used to be called "Guinduluman" meaning " overtaken by darkness" because it is said that there were only two towns organized in Bohol: Jagna and Batuan (Alicia). Travelers starting from any part of those towns in the morning were sure to be benighted or overtaken by darkness in this place. The name was later changed to Guindulman.

Guindulman is an old town where the convent and church were built with forced labor. During the Spanish priest was the real ruler of the town. For their secondary studies, students may go to the St. Mary’s Academy which offers the complete high school course.

During the Japanese occupation, a guerrilla unit was organized under Major Esteban Bernido. The town government was transferred to one of the barrios for safety. Several skirmishes between the Japanese and the guerrilla under Major Bernido took place with heavy casualties on the Japanese side.

This town is the birthplace of Ex-Governor Esteban Bernido.