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Established 1874

Population: 16,769 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Cariso Tan Camacho

Number of Barangays: 24

Land Area: 9,880 hectares

Feast Day: January (moveable), Patron Saint: Sr. Sto. Niņo

Tourist Attractions: Pandanon Beach Resort, Virador Hills


Getape is a port town on northen coast, ninety two and three tenths (92.3) kilometers from Tagbilaran. Years ago it was only a strip of level land along the coast belonging to Inabanga. The rich fishing grounds in the shallow waters around the neighboring little islands attracted people form Cebu and other nearby places to settle on the strip of level land. As a result, the community grew and flourished with fishing as the most important means of livelihood.

During the first part of the eighteenth century, Muslims used to come and raid the community. For this reason, tthe people decided to transfer the site to the top of a hill so that they could wacth the coming of the marauders. However, when the Spaniards decided to build a town in this place, they found the hill to be unsuitable for a site and persuaded the people to go down (ambak) from the hill to return to the old site calleAmbakon promising tthem protection. Ambakon became the Jetape now. The spaniards converted the people to Christianity and built a church. In 1874 the barrio of Ambacon was officially declared a town. It was named Jetafe after a city in Spain, Getafe

When world War II broke out, the town was shelled by Japanese gunboats and raided by seaplanes.

In 1990 the town officials of Jetafe and the city officials of Getafe, Spain came over, signed a sisterhood pact document. Impressed by the town site view and the good gesture of the town officials and people, tthe Spaniards committed to give monetary aid to the town of severl thousand dollars to construct a modern Municipal Library. To symbolize its commitment of sisterhood , letter J of Jetafe was changed to G to make Getafe.