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Established 1858

Population: 11,684

Mayor: Giselo C. Galido

Number of Barangays: 30

Land Area: 11,684 hectares

Feast Day: June 24

Patron Saint: St. John the Baptist

Tourist Attractions: Bohol Limestone Mine, Calma Bridge, Roxas Park





This town is located along the southern coast of Bohol, halfway between Jagna and Valencia. It is 52.6 kilometers from the capital. It was formely a part of Jagna, the western boundary of which used to be Punta Gorda or Balibiton on the eastern side of Valencia.

In 1879 it had a population of 6,847; now it has a population of 16,701.

Today, the Consuelo Limestone Corporation, as the sole upplier of dolomotic limestone to the Philippines Sintering Plant in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao, has boosted the economic status of this municipality.