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Established 1862

Population: 11,619 91980 Cenasus)

Mayor: Felix B. Casing casing

Number of Barangays: 20

Land Area: 8,890 hectares

Feast Day: December 8

Patron Saint: Immaculate Conception

Tourist Attractions: Camp David, Duero Beach Resort, Payao Lover’s Lane






Duero lies in the southeastern part of Bohol, 73.1 kilometers from the capital. It was established as regular municipality in 1862. During the Spanish regime, practically all the people were farmers and the women were weavers of sinamay and saguran. During the Philippine- American hostilities the insurgents fortified a wooded aliff called Verde. It was an excellent fort becuase it eas accessible through only one entrance.

When World War 11 broke out, the people evacuated to the hills. The civil government helped in maintaining the local government. The people had to manufacture things they need and can’t be imported. The women went back to their weaving of sinamay and saguran.

The oldest buildings in the town are the church and the convent. The church was built in 1868. The school buildings was constructed in 1910.

Napoleon Abueva the noted sculptor and his brother Jose Abueva, who became the president of University of the Philippines are from this town. Their was the late president Rep. Teodoro Abueva.