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Established 1780

Population: 10,845 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Sylvia Adame

Number of Barangays: 35

Land Area: 7,713 hectares

Feast Day: September 10

Patron Saint: St. Nicholas

Tourist Attractions: Dimiao Church and Convent,

Imelda Beach Resort, Soldier’s Cap



This town is located on the southern coast of the island, 36.7 east of the capital. The town used to occupy a large territory which included Valencia and Lila. But Valencia was later separated from Dimiao because of increased population, and Lila was made an independent municipality on January 1, 1915. The center of the planning of towns.

The principal industries of the people today are farming, tuba gathering, rope making and some fishing. The most important products are rice, corn, magey, copra, rope and tuba.

This is the hometown of Rep. Marcelo Ramirez.