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Established 1697

Population: 18,260 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Joel Bomediano

Number of Barangays: 12

Land Area: 4,288 hectares

Feast Day: Augost 15

Patron Saint: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tourist Attractions: Bikini Beach, Cedar Cove,

Dauis Church, Hinagdana Cave, Jul


Dauis is one of the two towns on the island of Panglao. It is only 3.2 kilometers froom the capital. It is one of the oldest municipalities of Bohol. A stone church tower which was built near the present church bears the yeear 1774 which must have been the date of its construction. The establishment of the parish, according to church records, was in 1697. The old church was ercted in 1863 and the convent in 1884.

During the Spanish regime, the houses were built of very strong materials, moostly of molave, and were whitewashed with lime. Muslims used to come and attack the town and capture people for ransome or for the slave market. For this reaon a watch tower was built for guards to alert the town of the coming marauders.

When World War II broke oout Dauis bor the brunt of the bombing, shelling, and the strafing, first from the Japanese and later from the Americans.In September 1942, the resistance movement was started . Most of the able bodied men joined the resistance movement and the civilians supported the movement with cash, food and other forms oof assistance.

Two causeways connect the town with Tagbilaran, thus facilitatinng transportatior and communication between the island oof Panglao and Bohol mainland.

Dauis is the hometown of Gevernor Hontanosas, Congressmen Luis Clarin Gaudencio Cloribel and Eutiquio Cemafranca, and Bishop Miguel Cinces.