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Established: 1961

Population: 10,298 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Jose Cepedoza

Number of Barangays: 17

Land Area: 9,786 hectares

Feast Day: December 30; patron Saint: Holy Family

Tourist Attractions: Cam - angay Mt. Lahug Cave, Taganas Resort



The municipaliy of Danao which is niety two kilometers from the capital is oone ooof the recently established towns of Bohol. It was created by an Executive Order issued buy former President Carlos P. Garcia on March 16,1961.It was inaugurated on July 9 of the ssame year.

Danao is of historical significance as the place where the famous Boholano leader Francisco Dagohoy, who succeeded in defying the authority oof Spain for eighty five years got the first volounteers to from the nucleus of his revolutionary movement. It was also set up tooown, paarticularly in the barrio oof Magtangtang in sitio Caylagan, that Dagohoy set up his independent government.

A historical marker now standas on a plateau overlooking thee moountain rangess of Inabanga and Talibon and down the ridges is a cve as his hide - out. This is to commemorate the historical event. The principal industry of the people of Danao is farming, and the most important products are rice, corn and copra. The soil is feertile because of the alluvium from the Wahig River. Because of inadequate transportation facscilities, it has not been fully cultivated.