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Established 1760

Population: 9,350 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Romeo L. Labor

Number of Barangays: 14

Land Area: 4,377

Feast Day: January 16

Patron Saint: Sto.Niņo

Tourist Attractions: Larga Vista, Puwang Hills



Cortes is a town 10 kilometers to the northeast of Tagbilaran. When it was established is not definitely known. It was not listed among the towns under the Agustinian Recollects in 1879, so it must have been established after that year. They boy’s school building was constructed in 1895 and the church in 1896. When World War II broke out,a bolo battalion was organized in the municipality. A civil government was set up, but in 1942 the town was occupied by the Japanese. They burned houses and occupied the school building which they used as a garrison. Cortes is the site of the sprawling southern Industrial Projects and its subsidiary, Rolling Mills. This is the hometown of representative Juan Concon.