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Established 1884

Population: 5, 197 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Jose Nicanor Tocmo

Number of Barangays: 8

Land Area: 4, 848 hectares

Feast Day: April 27

Patron Saint: Nuestra Senora del Villar

Tourist Attractions: Tarsius



This town was once named " Nug-as" and a barrio of Baclayon. It was named in honor of a town in Spain at its organization in 1884. A stone church, the convent and two stone buildings were constructed under the direction of successive priests. The present concrete church is of recent construction started in 1924. In October 1944, Corella was the headquarters of a guerrilla unit until the Japanese placed their garrison in the school buildings in the poblacion. They withdrew after the Leyte landing of the Americans. The smallest monkey, tarsier ( genus Tarsius), is often seen in the forests of Corella. Its large eyes is its most striking feature. A nocturnal mammal whose daily diet consists of insects and fruits have an ability to resist captivity and do not survive after capture.