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Established 1919

Population: 13,751 ( 1980 Census)

Mayor: Saturnino Salera

Number of Barangays: 24

Land Area: 6, 279 hectares

Feast Day: September 29

Patron Saint: St. Michael

Tourist Attractions: Binalew Falls, Mt. Alimono



Located in the northwestern part of Bohol, Clarin is 60.9 kilometers from the capital. It was organized on January31, 1919. The name of this town was originally called Can- Ogong, after one of the settlers name Ogong who had the habit of carrying a bamboo tube for salted fish. He was a popular man in the community, hence, Cang Ogong meant Ogong’s place. When it was organized as a regular municipality, it was called Clarin. Like those of other towns in the province are peaceful and friendly. They have a good sense of humor. During world War II, the Central School building was used by the Japanese as the concentration camp for susppected enemies. Because of its nearness to Cebu, many persons from that province evacuated to the town of Clarin. A school of fisheries has been established in this town. This is the hometown of Congressman Jose S. Zafra, Bishop Felix S.Zafra of Tagbilaran and Bishop Tuguib of Diocese in Mindanao.