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Established 1949

Population: 15, 620 ( 1980 Census)

Mayor: Aurelio B. Dinorog, Sr.

Nmber of Barangays: 22

Land Area: 7, 848 hectares

Feast Day: December 8

Patron Saint: Immaculate Conception

Tourist Attractions: Mag-aso Falls



Catigbian is an interior town north of Balilihan and west of Carmen. It is thirty four (34) kilometers from Tagbilaran. In 1903it was annexed to Balilihan. However, it was made an independent community in October 1949. Catigbian was named after a tree called ‘Katigbi" which grew abundantly in this place. Farming is the most important occupation of the people; another is collecting the sap of the tree called hagakhak for export.