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Established 1874

Population: 26,3589

Mayor: Alfredo Galang

Number of Barangays: 24

Land Area: 29,804 hectares

Feast Day: January 17

Patron Saint: San Antonio Abad

Tourist Attractions: Chocolate Hills




Carmen is an enterior

town located near the center

of the island 58.8 kms. From

the City. This town is used

to be a part of Bilar. When it

was made an independent muni-

cipality, it was called Carmen in

honor of a woman

who was said to be a popular

figure in the community.

Carmen is strategically

located in the heart of the island.

The two national roads that stretch

from coast intersect at Carmen.

It is in Carmen and Sagbayan

that the fascinating mounds of Bohol

known as the Chocolate Hills can be

seen at their best. What is strange

about them is the presence of caves

under some of them . Another tourist attraction is the statue of the Virgin of Fatima at barrio Villa Fatima.

A private school, the St. Anthony’s Academy, offers the complete secondary course. Carmen is the hometown of former Congressman Simeon Toribio.

During World War 11, Carmen became the seat of the Civil Government when the Japanese carried out their mopping-up operations in Bohol. The headquarters of the Bohol Area Command was also transferred here from Loboc.