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Established 1802

Population: 22,488 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Julius Herrera

Number oof Barangays: 33

Land Area; 7,615

Feast Day: May 10

Patron Saint: St. Vincent Ferrer

Tourist Attraction: Kinubkuban Bathing Resort


Calape is on the western coast of Bohol. It is 41.4 kilometers from the City ofTagbilaran.

This town was established in 1802. The old name oof the town was Calape, the name of a species oof rattan which used to grow abundantly in the locality. As time passed, the name was modified and finally became Calape. After the laberation, bussiness experienced a boom.Calape boast of having a private no - sectarian school, the Boohol Province Institute, which offers complete secondary course.

Connecting the island of Pangangan with the mainland is a three kilometer causeway. The island is well - known for its peddlers who reach as far as Borneo and Celebes in their sailboats. Aquaculture is the town’s burgeoning industry, bouyed in part by a training center for aqua culture, a jooint priject of the United States Development Program and the Bureau oof Fisheries.

This the hometown of OIC Governor Victor dela Serna and second hometown of Senator Ernesto Herrera.