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Established 1959

Population: 18,088 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Leandro Tirol

Number Of Brangays: 35

Land Area: 8,730

Feast Day: October: 6

Patron Saint: Holy Rosary

Tourisst Attractioons: Cabul - an Island,

Sente Nenay Beach Resort, Tumoy - tumoy Beach Resort

The new town oof Buenavista was at one time a barrio of Inabanga and then later of Jetafe. Buenavista has slowly but steadily risen as an outstanding coommunity, growing in size and imprtance than other barrios oof Jetafe. It is eighty thre kilometers from Tagbilaran City.

The name Buenvista, the official name of the town, was suggested by the earlist inhabitants of the place. It still carries with the original significance of the word. The word Buenavista is of Spanish word from two separate word "buena" meaning good and "vista" meaning view. But if ne stays in the heart oof Buenavista, one usually wonders how the place earned the beautiful name for he will find nothing but groves of coocnut trees, buri palms, fruit trees thick under growth of wild flowering shurbs.

In 1874 Buenavista was separated from Inabanga and was anexed to Jetafe. It was made an independent municipality in 1960.

Today the people earn their living in various ways. Farming and home industries such as weaving of saguran, mats, hatss and baskets are their means of livelihood.

This is the native town of Gov. David B. Tirol. His parents were raised here in Buenavista formerly called "Pangpang".