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Established 1878

Population: 12,715 ( 1980 Census)

Mayor: Ester Corazon J. Galbreath

Number of Barangays:13

Land Area: 13,315 hectares

Feast Day: May 15

Patron Saint: St. Isodore

Tourist Attractions: Balmona Hills, Magsaysay Park, Lagorita Health Resort



Bilar is an interior town northeast of Loboc. It is situated 40.9 kilometers from Tagbilaran and is reached from Loboc through the zigzag. The principal industries during the Spanish regime were rice farming, herding and lumbering. The settlers built rice paddies and terraces which gave a good harvest twice a year. Livestock raising was another industry and cow, horses and goats, besides pigs and fowl were produced. As a result the town became prosperous. Today the old industries are fast disappearing. The wanton cutting down of trees and the burning of the forest was the main cause of this disappearance during the Japaneseoccupation. The most important industry today is farming. Rice and corn are the most important products. Irrigation system and the use of better methods of farming have increased tremendously the production of rice and corn. Interesting spots which attract tourists are the Quezon Plaza, the Logarita Spring and Swimming Pool, the Regional Girl Scout Camp site at Riverside, the Regional Boy Scout Campsite at Karajan, the Bohol Agricultural School and the excellent water system.

Bilar was organized as a municipality in 1830 and the name Bilar was adopted and officially recorded. The Roman Catholic Church, constructed in 1870, is the oldest structure existing at present. It is interesting to note that the big molave posts of the present church were erected by a strong man, perhaps stronger than a carabao, nicknamed " Baroro". This strong man single handedly erected the post without the aid of any mechanical devices. In Sitio Cambaliga, a part of Cambigsi, was at a time the seat of the Military government of Bohol during the Spanish- American War. There is a hill where the fort was located and is now called Valmoria Hill in memory of that Brave Commander. The dug-out and the tunnel leading to the ammunition factory are still visible and considered an important historical landmark in the town. Bilar is the hometown of Congressman Pablo Malazarte.