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Established 1828

Population: 13,925 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Eladio Chatto

Number of Barangays: 31

Land Area: 15,022 hectares

Feast Day: July 16; Patron Saint: Our Lady of Carmel

Tourist Attractions: Camugao Falls, Magsija Swimming Pool,

Municipal Plaza, Val de Leo Hill




Balilihan is an interior town located 22 kilometers northeast of Tagbilaran. It is said to have been so called because of the grass (balili) that grew in abundance in the locality. Balilihan was a part of Baclayon and was sparsely settled.

The important industries of Balilihan are basket making, handbag making, sinamy and saguran weaving, buri mat weaving and hat making. Vegetables of all kinds and root crops are plentiful. Hanopol, the biggest barrio of Balilihan, is said to be the rice granary of the town. In case of shortage of rice and corn there are bananas, camotes, cassava and gabi that can take their place.

For education, Carmel Academy, a private school, offers complete secondary course.

Balilihan is the hometown of Governor Lino 1. Chatto, Representative Eladio 1. Chatto and Vice Governor Edgar M. Chatto.