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Established 1595

Population: 10, 776 ( 1980 Census)

Mayor: Felix Uy

Number of Barangays:17

Land Area: 3,402 hectares

Feast Day: December 8

Patron Saint: Immaculate Conception

Tourist Attractions: Baclayon Church and Museum,

Guiwanon Beach Resort, Laya Beach Resort, Pamilacan Is.


Baclayon is in the southern part of Bohol. It is only 6.9 kilometers from Tagbilaran. It was the first town established in Bohol by the Spaniards. People say that the town was originally called Baclayon because travelers used to detour (bacay) around the rocky cliff along the shore about half a kilometer from the municipal building in order to avoid having to go over the top of the cliff. The town was founded in 1595 by two Jesuits Priests, Fr. Juan de Torres and Fr. Gabriel Sanchez who were the first to enter Bohol for Missionary purposes, and who built the heavy-set stone church, the oldest one in the whole province. In 1879 Baclayon had a Population of 11, 142. Thier industry is salakot weaving and winnowing baskets. The most important occupation of the people are farming, planting coconuts and fishing. During the Phil- American War the town was about to be burned by the Americans. It was saved by the tactfulness of Capitan Tioy ( Timoteo Oppus) who entertained the Americans with drinks and offered to act as the intermediary between the Americans and Filipino insurgents.