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Established 1876

Population: 11, 641 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Felipe Gementiza

Number of Barangays: 21

Land Area: 8, 205 hectares

Feast Day: Third Sunday of October

patron Saint: Santo Rosario

Tourist Attraction: Mag-aso Falls



Antequera is an interior town located 19 kilometers from Tagbilaran and lying northeast of Maribojoc. It used to be a barrio of Maribojoc in the early days. It was organized into a municipality by a Spanish official who gave it the name of his birthplace, Antequera, a city in Spain. Simeon Villas of Maribojoc, one of the early settlers, became the first governadorcillo.

The church and the convent were built during the early days of Spanish rule. Antequera has a private high school- the Christ the King Academy which offers complete secondary course. Today, Antequera is made famous for their cottage industries. They create novel designs in household decor and other articles, with the best kind of weaving - very much in demand by other countries. This is the home town of the late Mons. Manuel Mascarinas Bishop of Tagbilaran.