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Established 1875

Population: 12,625 (1980 Census)

Mayor: Paulino amper

Number oof Barangays: 16

Land Area: 6,110

Feast Day: January (movable)

Patron Saint: Santo Neņo

Tourist Attractioons: Bas, Bugnaw CE, Kbangnow,, Kinale Beach



The municipality of Anda is located in the eastern part of Bohol, ninetynine and three tenths (99.3) kilometers from tagbilaran. It was established in 1876, however it is not listed among under the Agustinian recollects in 1879.

Farming is the most important means of livelihood of the people. Other industries are fishing, furniture making fish net making, rope making, carpentry, poultry, hog raising and catching bangus fry.

The principal products are rice, corn, coconuts, chicken and pigs.

Lumber is taken from the forest.