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Established 1861

Population: 7,062 (1980 census)

Mayor: Jose I. Ugdoracion, Jr.

Number of Barangays: 11

Feast Day: May 4

Patron Saint: Santa Monica

Tourist Attractions: Sambuwanan & Lourdes Springs, Santa Fe Beach Resort

Alborqueque is located in the southwestern part of Bohol 11.9 Kilometers from Tagbilaran. It was made into a municipality in 1861. In 1879 Alburqueque had a population by tthe people under the deriction of the priest of Baclayon. The present convent was erected in 1976 and was completed in 1884.

The principal industries of Alburqueque today are farming, fishing saguran and ma weaving pottery and kalamay making. The land is mountainous and hilly, and is not well-suited for agriculture. But because of the industriousness of the people, the narrow vallys was developed into rice paddies and terraces. The upland areas are cutivated with corn and root crops especially the kinampay variety of ubi. Most people living along the seashores are fishermen. They engaged in depp sea fishing using both the old and the modern methods of catching fish. Some fishermen have installed motors on their boats for speed. While the head of the family goes out to fish, the other members make salt by boiling sea water.

Anotther common industry is the pottery business. With an abundant supply of red clay, a fairy large number of families are engagedin this industry. They make assorted post, jars and flower pots of different desings.

This is hometown of Bishop alfredo Baquial of Davao Diocese.